Beauty & Reliability

The joy of owning a high-quality precision watch comes not only from its beauty, but also from its superior reliability. Should misfortune befall your timepiece, or should you simply need a battery replaced, you can rely on Knar Jewellery to service and repair your watch. We are a qualified service centre for most high-end watch brands, including Chopard, Swiss Army, Patek Phillipe and Tag-Heuer to name but a few.

Knar strongly recommends proper care and regular maintenance of your watch. This will ensure that complex mechanisms perform to their fullest potential. With so many moving parts, your watch deserves quality maintenance that only a highly trained and dedicated watchmaker can provide.

For a complete servicing, your watch will be disassembled and inspected for damage and wear. Any broken, worn or missing parts will be replaced. After inspection, all parts will be cleaned and prepared for reassembly. The watch will then be reassembled, oiled and tested to ensure it is functioning properly in all positions.

Finally, the watch will run for at least 24-48 hours to ensure proper timekeeping prior to it being returned to you.

Types of Repairs and Restorations: