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William Henry Brookings Sterling Silver & Blue Lace Agate Bracelet

This William Henry Brookings bracelet started with a custom designed silver bead that features a pattern inspired by the sculpted sand dunes at the Oregon coast. That quiet but powerful centerpiece, flanked by matte onyx rondelles, is supported by a beautiful strand of 6mm Blue Lace Agate beads, and finished with sterling caps and a custom lobster clasp. Simple, elegant, timeless, and easy on its own or stacked. Size Large (fits wrist size 7 3/8" - 7 7/8")

William Henry Seaside Sterling Silver & Silver Lace Agate Bracelet

The William Henry Seaside 10mm bracelet takes center stage on the wrist – big enough to really make statement but still comfortable and designed for anything from denim to business attire. Three finely sculpted beads in sterling silver are surrounded by the arctic granite tones of Silver Lace Agate, all threaded onto our welded stainless steel aircraft cable for durability. Each bracelet is finished with end caps and a custom lobster clasp wrought from sterling silver. Size Large (fits wrist size 7 3/8" - 7 7/8")

William Henry 10mm Beachcomber Sodalite Bracelet

William Henry bracelet is imbued with the remarkable energy of the northern Pacific Ocean. Darker, stormier, intense and alluring, the Beach Comber features frosted Sodalite beads that range from dark blue to grey to white, much like the breakers along our own Northwest Pacific Coast. Accent beads are sterling silver sculpted like the body of a sea urchin, elegant and understated and with a great feel in the hand or on the wrist. Size M (Fits wrist: 17.15-18.4cm)

William Henry 6mm Patrol Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

William Henry Patrol bracelet features five skulls in sterling silver, flanked by the understated opulence of Blue Tiger Eye beads and finished with a sterling swivel lobster clasp. Built on welded aircraft cable for durability. Size L (Fits wrist: 18.75-20cm). Great on its own or stacked with other pieces on the wrist.

William Henry Labradorite Beaded Crescent Bracelet

The Cresent bracelet features 6mm labradorite beaded with 5 sterling silver skull beads and a toggle closure.

William Henry Magician Beaded Bracelet

The Magician beaded bracelet features 8mm labradorite, sodalite and blue tigers eye beads.