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William Henry 10mm Beachcomber Sodalite Bracelet

William Henry bracelet is imbued with the remarkable energy of the northern Pacific Ocean. Darker, stormier, intense and alluring, the Beach Comber features frosted Sodalite beads that range from dark blue to grey to white, much like the breakers along our own Northwest Pacific Coast. Accent beads are sterling silver sculpted like the body of a sea urchin, elegant and understated and with a great feel in the hand or on the wrist. Size M (Fits wrist: 17.15-18.4cm)

William Henry 5mm Intrepid Bracelet

William Henry Intrepid bracelet highlights features remarkable fossil dinosaur bone inlaid into long and bold sculpted sterling silver links. The bone comes from an apatosaurus, it dates back at least 100 million years, and is found in the American West. After millions of years, this amazing glimpse of the organic past is now rendered in stone. The results are stunning – each inlay, and each bracelet, is absolutely unique by the very nature of the material. Finished with a precision stainless button lock inlaid with a genuine smoky quartz gemstone. Size L (Fits wrist 18.75-20cm). Design your own history.

William Henry 5mm Noir Carbon Fiber Bracelet

William Henry Noir bracelet features long, bold links in sculpted sterling silver, with each alternating link inlaid with carbon fiber. Hand cut and polished, the carbon fiber is not just one thin sheet but instead made from 9 layers pressed into one solid block. Bracelet closes with a precision machined and laser welded button lock set with a spinel gemstone. Size L (Fits wrist: 18.75-20cmm) Traditional form and modern tech seamlessly blended...

William Henry 6mm Patrol Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

William Henry Patrol bracelet features five skulls in sterling silver, flanked by the understated opulence of Blue Tiger Eye beads and finished with a sterling swivel lobster clasp. Built on welded aircraft cable for durability. Size L (Fits wrist: 18.75-20cm). Great on its own or stacked with other pieces on the wrist.

William Henry Hunter Brown Leather Bracelet

Perfect on the wrist for any occasion, with any outfit, for any attitude. The Hunter bracelet features braided brown deerskin, soft and supple, finished with finely sculpted sterling silver end caps and spring clasp. Size M (Fits wrist 17.4-18.4cm). Comfortable and stylish whether worn alone or stacked with other wrist pieces…

William Henry Milan Black & Sterling Leather Bracelet

Call it a bracelet, cuff, or bangle, the Milan by any name creates a statement on the wrist. The centerpiece is a magnetic clasp, with a double secured closure, sculpted in sterling silver and inspired by the finely detailed art of the Italian renaissance. Built on custom braided leather that is substantial enough to adorn your wrist on its own, or stacks beautifully with other pieces. Size M (Fits wrist: 17.15-18.4cm). William Henry recommends buying a little small so the clasp stays centered on top of your wrist, where it will get the attention it deserves.

William Henry Nightfall Black Obsidian Bracelet

William Henry sterling silver Nightfall bracelet features three sterling silver welded cages with a gunmetal finish, complimented by polished black obsidian beads. Built on aircraft grade stainless cable, with welded sterling end caps and clasp. Size L (Fits wrist: 18.75-20cm) This bracelet brings a healthy dose of ‘oh yeah’ to any ensemble, solo or stacked.

William Henry Crest Bracelet

Sometimes one material is all you need. The 'Crest' features beautifully sculpted sterling silver links. Big enough to be a statement, small enough to be worn on any occasion, and sure to impress. Featured bracelet is size L.

William Henry Core Bracelet

The curved Core bracelet is crafted from sterling silver and features a hand-cut 'leaf pattern'.

William Henry Labradorite Beaded Crescent Bracelet

The Cresent bracelet features 6mm labradorite beaded with 5 sterling silver skull beads and a toggle closure.

William Henry Magician Beaded Bracelet

The Magician beaded bracelet features 8mm labradorite, sodalite and blue tigers eye beads.

William Henry Squire Bracelet

The Squire bracelet features fossilized wooly mammoth tooth inlaid in engraved sterling silver.

William Henry Tourquoise Bracelet

The Verdigris tourquoise bracelet features African turquoise beads with silver decorative accent beads and a sterling sivler lobster clasp.