Valentine's Day Gifts

Don’t just show how much you love her, let your Valentine’s Day gift tell her. Knar Jewellery selects the finest in luxury jewellery with goldsmiths and jewellers that have a heart. Each of our brands have a unique story in creating special pieces that your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

John Hardy – Each made-with-heart piece expresses authenticity and Balinese culture through meditative, communal chain-weaving, hand-hammering and carving.
Fope – With a passion for design these stylish and sentimental pieces feature Flex’it technology, allowing for clasp-less jewellery to be easily slipped on and off by the wearer.
FreyWille – Made with a love for the fine arts and the craft of jewellery-making, each fire-enamel piece truly is “pure art.”
Dinh Van – “From Paris with love” rings true with this French jewellery line, which focuses on the clasps and closures as a decorative part of the jewellery.

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