Founded in Italy’s goldsmithing centre of Vicenza in 1929, Fope first became known for producing fine metal watch straps for the Swiss horological industry. The third generation of the family took their chain-making expertise to the jewellery world by creating a line that combined technical precision with classical Italian design. The patented all-metal Flex’it technology allows for clasp-less bracelets to easily be slipped on and off by the wearer, while appearing to be a traditional, beautifully crafted jewel.
Today, the fourth generation of the Cazzola family still operates the workshop in Vicenza where they continue to create innovative and timeless designs that have gained fans across the world.

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Fope Eka Tiny Bracelet


Fope Eka Tiny Bracelet


Fope Eka Tiny Diamond Necklace


Fope Eka Tiny Earrings


Fope Eka Tiny Necklace


Fope Flex’it Eka Bracelet


Fope Flex’it Eka Diamond Bracelet


Fope Flex’it Love Nest Diamond Bracelet


Fope Flex’it Prima Diamond Bracelet


Fope Flex’it Solo Diamond Bracelet


Fope Love Nest Bracelet


Fope Love Nest Diamond Earrings


Fope Love Nest Necklace


Fope Olly Bracelet


Fope Olly Necklace


Fope Phylo Double-Strand Diamond Necklace


Fope Prima Bracelet


Fope Silverfope Bracelet


Fope Solo Bracelet


Fope Solo Necklace


Fope Star Bangle


Fope Vendome Bracelet


Fope Vendome Bracelet


Fope Vendome Ring