Knar Jewellery Oakville


Forty years ago, we founded Knar Jewellery to bring the very best of the world’s jewellery and timepieces to our local community. As we look back, we fondly remember our travels that helped introduce us to the greatest designers, watchmakers and goldsmiths across the globe.


Founded by brothers Greg and Jeff Buzbuzian in 1978, Knar Jewellery is a family business that over four decades has established itself as an award-winning premiere jeweller in Canada. Since the beginning, Knar Jewellery has travelled the world to curate and present world class jewellery and timepieces from the most prestigious designers, manufacturers and watchmakers. Knar Jewellery began its relationship with Rolex in 1999.


With a foundation built on exceptional customer service and valued relationships, Knar Jewellery continued to grow with the opening of an Oakville location in 2005, bringing the first Rolex showroom to the lakeside community.


Today, Knar Jewellery operates three locations and is proud to serve as an Official Rolex Retailer in its Oakville location with the second generation of family committed to excellence.

The exquisite Rolex showroom is the highlight of the store and welcomes clients to an ideal environment to select their special Rolex timepiece.