Knar Jewellery Oakville


More than 40 years ago, KNAR Jewellery first opened its doors to bring extraordinary jewellery and timepieces from around the world to the fine city of Guelph, Ontario. This quest not only grew the business to three locations (adding Oakville and Toronto to the repertoire), but it also expanded the offerings, expertise, service and, of course, an appreciative base of loyal customers.



Founded in 1978 by brothers Greg and Jeff Buzbuzian, KNAR Jewellery is a family business. Since then, the two have established KNAR Jewellery as an award-winning, premiere Canadian jeweller.

From the beginning, the team has travelled the world to curate world-class jewellery and timepieces. This has allowed KNAR Jewellery to present pieces from the most prestigious and exclusive designers, manufacturers, and watchmakers.


In 1999, KNAR Jewellery proudly expanded to include the world-renowned ROLEX and their iconic timepieces. And with that, the past 22 years have attracted and strengthened their relationships with many watch enthusiasts seeking expertise and advice. This foundation built on exceptional customer service and valued relationships enabled KNAR Jewellery to continue to grow spatially, with the opening of the Oakville location in 2005, bringing the first and only ROLEX showroom to the lakeside community.


The family business has grown, too, with the second generation of family members committed to the same high level of service and trust.

The ROLEX boutique was designed to enrich clients’ visits, allowing for a fully immersive experience while selecting their special ROLEX timepiece.

With our service excellence, you are sure to find the perfect item for yourself or a loved one.