Knar Jewellery Oakville


KNAR Jewellery is honoured to be an official ROLEX retailer at our Oakville location, situated in the historical and storied Olde Oakville area. As award-winning jewellers who know the importance of detail and high standards, we are proud to offer the ROLEX collection of high-precision timepieces and to fulfill a shopping experience fitting the brand’s traditions of quality and craftsmanship.


ROLEX at Knar Jewellery Oakville Showroom


Whether it is your first visit or 50th visit, when you come to our ROLEX showroom – one of the largest in the country – you will be hosted by our team of knowledgeable timepiece professionals. We offer a comfortable and intimate shopping experience, whether this is a shared event with a dear-friend or even a discreet purchase meant to be a surprise for a loved one. The team will walk you through the ROLEX timepieces made with the finest raw materials and assembled with the highest attention to detail and exacting standards.

Every element of the interior design of the ROLEX environment features the brand’s aesthetic and radiates the values of the Rolex crown. In 2023, KNAR will continue to expand its services and its Oakville ROLEX showroom with an officially certified onsite workshop service center.

ROLEX at Knar Jewellery Oakville Showroom


The Oakville location is KNAR Jewellery’s flagship store, and it features the most extensive array of watches and other rare and luxurious items. The Buzbuzian family and team serve as a global front runner in the luxury retail business.

Our dedicated ROLEX showroom offers a comfortable and relaxing space to fully explore the wide variety of available ROLEX watches, including the latest and most sought-after models.

Our trained associates are always pleased to assist you on your journey to find the perfect luxury watch to last a lifetime and more.

ROLEX at Knar Jewellery Oakville Showroom


Impeccable service, luxurious ambiance.

KNAR Jewellery is committed to excellence as central Ontario’s premier destination for horologists, collectors, enthusiasts, and those wanting to learn more about the wonderful world of watches.

The ROLEX showroom is focused on your experience. While visiting have a beverage, enjoy good conversation and try on the most luxurious timepieces in the world.