Appraisals & Evaluations


What Is An Appraisal?

Knar Jewellery offers a complete jewellery appraisal service for insurance, estate, comparative, and qualitative purposes. All jewellery appraisals are graded to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards and are performed in our facilities by a qualified appraiser. Any issues that may need your attention, such as loose gems and worn prongs, will be identified as well.

For most individuals, the purchase of fine jewellery is a major investment and, as such, should be insured like other most valuable items, such as your car or home. Insurance companies will require a current appraisal (within the last 12 months) in order to set their insurance premiums and guarantee you the proper retail replacement value of your item should it be damaged, lost or stolen.

Knar recommends that your appraisals be updated every 3 years. Precious metals and precious stones are commodities, with prices that fluctuate. So the value of your item and insurance premiums may change. Also, since insurance companies do not cover normal wear and tear of your jewellery, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that during the appraisal, we will identify any small problems – such as loose gems, worn prongs and faulty clasps which may have occurred over time.

Knar appraisal values are based on extensive research of current world market prices at the retail and wholesale level. We make use of established price guides, professionally trained researchers, and internet resources to ensure accurate values of every appraisal. The appraisal value is the actual selling price which may be currently available at retail stores. Values may differ from store to store and region to region.

When an appraisal is performed in our facility, Knar guarantees each appraisal has been completed by a fully trained appraiser, assuring the highest standards of quality.

Our Process

A Knar Appraisal Includes:

  • Detailed description of the piece, including type/grade of metal, manufacturing, number and quality of gems (clarity, colour, cut, carat weight, grade proportions)
  • A digital photograph of the item
  • Appraiser’s signature
  • Date
  • Appropriate Value (at time of appraisal) – Value based upon the needs of our client, whether settling an estate or insuring a favourite piece of jewellery.


Step 1. Initial Check:

Your jewellery will be examined and checked carefully. Each item is then polished and cleaned.

Step 2. Photography:

Each item is photographed and a picture of the item is placed in the appraisal document.

Step 3. Material Test:

Each item is examined for its material content, electronically weighed and measured.

Step 4. Gem Test:

Gems are identified with instruments and lab equipment, measured and quality graded.

Step 5. Value Determination:

The values are determined by our accredited appraisers based on industry standards.

Step 6. Appraisal Finished:

You will be provided with an official appraisal document that includes the appropriate value.

The Knar Appraisal Advantage

We take exceptional care with your precious items and heirloom jewellery. A close-up digital photograph is taken in-store when you drop off an item for appraisal, so you can feel confident in leaving your jewellery with us.

We also enhance our expert appraisal service by securely storing your records for you in our corporate database. Should the appraisal be needed at a later date, for an insurance claim for example, you need simply call our store to request the information.

Lastly, we return your item to you cleaned and polished… albeit a small but highly worthwhile benefit!

Why is an appraisal important?

Precious metals and gems are entities with prices that can fluctuate. The details in your appraisal clearly define the qualities and attributes of those metals and gems so that a determination of value can be consistently assessed over time. It is therefore best to have your appraisals updated every 3 to 5 years to keep your insurance coverage up to date, not to mention for your personal knowledge in case of a chip or missing gem.