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Watch Winders

Watch Winders

Keep Your Watch Ticking

Watch winders are used to keep automatic mechanical watches wound. They are very useful for people with multiple watches as they increase the enjoyment of automatic watches by keeping them wound when not on the wrist.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is a Watch Winder?

Watchwinders provide a very useful function as well. As automatic watches are very small, mechanical devices, winders keep your watches lubricated. If one thinks of a car sitting for months without being started up, the same could be said your watch that is left in a drawer; the oil pools and the parts are not protected. In an automatic watch, there are several types of lubricants that are used to keep the watch running at its best. A watchwinder facilitates this by making sure the watch is being turned on a regular basis.

The best types are programmable for direction, frequency and duration of winding. Knar Jewellery has watchwinders for every budget; from singles to twelve piece units in a variety of styles and finishes.