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Watch Care

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At Knar Jewellery, you can shop from one of Canada’s finest selections of precision watches that will set anyone’s heart racing. Classic and contemporary designs that not only tell time but celebrate it as well. Whether you desire elegance or sportiness, it will be our pleasure to help you.

In addition to the incredible timepieces highlighted on this website, you will find an even wider range of world-famous collections in our stores, including brands such as Rolex, Tudor, Frederique Constant, Glashütte Original, Jacob & Co. and Tissot. We invite you to stop by and explore each at your leisure.

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How To Take Care Of A Watch

For a mechanical watch expect to overhaul the movement every 5 to 7 years. This type of work requires the watch to be taken apart, components cleaned and lubricated, reassembled, gaskets installed and timing adjusted.

A fine watch is meant to be worn and enjoyed. It is a lubricated machine that is engineered to run 24/7. There are sophisticated oils used for maintaining watches. For example, Rolex watchmakers use four different oils for different parts of the watch and its movement.

One can either wind a mechanical watch (whether manual or automatic) to keep it running or use a watch winder to keep automatic watches wound.

Expect to have a quartz (battery) operated watch overhauled every 7 to 10 years. They require less service work but will require a cell replacement every one to two years. Water resistant types need gasket replacements when cells are changed.